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 Grant Stone

B.Sc. (Hons); Dip.Ed; Dip.Lib.Studies.  Grant Stone is a laughterholic (recovering).  Although a Librarian by training Grant discovered Laughter Yoga as part of recovery from a stroke in 1989.  He trained with Dr. Kataria in 2000 and helped found the Perth Laughter Club the same year.
Grant became involved in the formation of Laugh WA Inc. in 2002 and was the foundation Convenor.  He has trained hundreds of people to become Laughter Leaders to spread the laughter word throughout the community.
Grant has and will run sessions of Laughter Yoga anywhere, anytime to anyone throughout W.A. and is available for Corporate and private functions for 10 or 1,000 people.    Contact:  mobile: 0412 170 665; email:

Janni Goss

B.App.Sci (Physio) I trained with Dr. Madan Kataria in November 2000 and founded laughter clubs at Shenton Park and the Cancer Wellness Centre, Cottesloe. Known as the ‘Laughter Lady’ I am an Internationally Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader, Teacher and Ambassador for Laughter Yoga International. I provide presentations at Conferences, Seminars, Professional Development days and at Health, Education and Corporate events. I now focus on Outsmarting Stress for Healthy Longevity. I am the author of the DIY Nurturing Kids Kit, which is now available and introduces the JelliTime game for adults to share with the children in their lives.
Contact: Phone No. 9277 7922 email:   and website:

Deb FForde

Can’t Sing! Can’t Dance! BUT…….have a lot of fun with Laughter Yoga! Trained as a facilitator by Grant Stone in 2005 with further training and mentoring by Janni Goss. Certified Laughter Teacher by Sebastien Gendry, American School of Laughter in 2012. Committee member of Laugh WA Inc. since 2005. Therapy assistant in aged care for 17 years and I am a Reflexologist.  Along with Kath McKeown I run the Heathridge Laughter Club, we meet every fortnight on a Monday.  Details on website.   I would love to share my knowledge in Laughter Yoga for wellbeing with Community and Support groups in Northern Suburbs. Email:

Kimmy O’Meara

Kimmy was given 3 years to live in 2000 after being diagnosed with an auto immune disease called C.R.E.S.T.  Through the natural benefits of laughter and a positive outlook on life she has passed her "use-by-date" by 12 years.
Kimmy has been a Laughter Facilitator for 9 years. She was awarded the International Laughter Yoga Ambassador Award in 2008 for outstanding work in the community through laughter. Kimmy has facilitated up to 10,000 people to do Laughter Yoga at music festivals all over Australia. She is invited back every year to do opening and closing ceremonies and hold Laughter Yoga sessions throughout the festivals.
Kimmy has been working for 9 years at Richmond Wellbeing, a psychiatric recovery hostel and has delveloped a four part program introducing laughter, humour and positive thought in a non confrontational, compassionate and skillful way to people challenged with mental health issues.
Kimmy is a holistic counsellor, teacher and inspirational speaker who loves to present at Personal Development days for all types of businesses and organisations, at all schools both primary and secondary, for people with disabilities, at nursing homes and retirement villages. In fact anywhere she can bring a fun, positive and empowering experience to everyone. She has travelled to Rwanda and brought Laughter Yoga to Genocide survivors and has created the first Laughter Club in Rwanda. On her second visit she was invited to teach Laughter Yoga to the Psychology students at the National University of Rwanda so they could continue bringing the benefits of Laughter Yoga to Genocide and AIDS survivors in Rwanda.
Kimmy founded the East Fremantle Laughter Club in 2014, where the objective is to facilitate participants to be playful and stress free. To illustrate her versatility here are just a few of the organisationsw she has laughed with - Wesfarmers, Perth Modern School, Richmond Wellbeing, Cancer Wellness Centre, Canteen, Fremantle Hospital, University of Zululand, the councils of Fremantle, Cockburn, Kwinana, Mandurah, Bunbury and others, Water Corportation, Synergy, Bethanie Retirement Villages and St. Stephen's College. 
Contact: Phone 0404 732 324     Email:

Kath McKeown

I did my training with Dr. Kataria here in Perth in November 2000 and have assisted with Perth Laughter Club since its inception in November 2000. With further mentoring by Janni Goss I instigated the Heathridge Club with Deb Fforde. I am a Reflexologist and interested in all natural and complimentary therapies.  I have recently resigned as Secretary and Treasurer of Laugh WA Inc. a position I have held since 2002.   I can be contacted by email on

Rosemarie Williams 

I have lived in the beautiful south west of Western Australia for most of my life.  I am professional, enthusiastic, stylish and fun-loving as well as efficient and reliable with good organisational skills.  I love to boost my endorphins with laughter,  singing with  a community choir, ballroom dancing,  riding my bicycle, tennis, yoga and walking.  
I have facilitated laughter  sessions within  the Community i.e. Relay-for-Life, Not-for-Profit, Corporate, Aged Care, Teachers  and am available for weddings, parties and anything, well almost! 
As I worked in Bunbury as a Celebrant for 10 years I am comfortable addressing large gatherings and have a lifetime of experience in office-work. 
I did my Laugh WA Facilitator Training in 2012 with Janni Goss and then in 2014 the Advanced Training with Kimmy O'Meara. 
If required I can obtain testimonials from Support Groups, Aged Care, Educational Institutions and a Government Department.
Currently I am the Administrator of the Bunbury Laughter Yoga Club face-book page, which is something I really enjoy doing and I invite you to check it out when you have time.
I can be contacted via email or by phone 0409 553 786.
Laughter is definitely the best medicine and ........ a laugh is a smile that bursts!

Patricia Jamieson

My initial introduction to Laughter was at World Laughter Day in Kings Park May 2012.
I did my facilitators training in June 2012 with Laugh WA. and participated in a workshop with Sebastien Gendry that I found very helpful and inspiring. I wished to help spread the joy and benefits of laughter and formed the Affinity Laughter Club, which meets on the second Wednesday of each Month in the Dalkeith Hall, Waratah Ave. I have given laughter presentations during City of Nedlands events for seniors where I work in Positive Ageing. Laughter yoga is such a valuable art for wellbeing at any age. After every session I feel privileged to be able to facilitate joy, love and laughter. I also enjoy seeing how strangers become friends so readily through laughter. I have been taking yoga for seniors’ class for the past four years so Laughter Yoga was a natural fit.
Contact: H: 93865002 W: 93866170   M: 0417963305   Email:    H.

Luke Be

Luke Be is the founder of Creative Expressionismismmms; A not for profit organization that uses art, laughter and play to improve mental, emotional and physical health within our community.
With a passion for creative self expression, and a background in some of the most demanding professional industries, Luke provides his unique services to corporate, social and community groups and holds regular community sessions, workshops and events.
For more information please contact Luke Be at Creative Expressionismsismmms
Phone: 0401 356 563 Email: Web:

Vanessa Jessup

Vanessa is an energetic and passionate individual, whose journey into Laughter was sparked by the inspiration to bring an evidence-informed system of “the best medicine” into the lives of individuals in our community…Laughter for Wellbeing!
Vanessa combines over 20 years experience as a physiotherapist, with evidenced complementary and integrative practices. Vanessa has dynamically engaged with individuals, groups, health colleagues and students, in roles such as educator, university clinical tutor, trainer, therapist and mentor. In 2010, she trained as a Laughter Yoga Facilitator, with the outstanding Laugh WA Trainer – Kimmy O’Meara.
As a lifetime student of the human experience and human potential, with qualifications including as a Trainer, Presenter and Life Coach, she is a true heart-centred difference-maker, extending her work to seminars, presentations and workshops.
Vanessa is always looking towards integrating systems for optimal experiences of physical, mental, emotional and social health – for which she believes Laughter is key. Her extensive and varied experiences facilitate a multi layered expertise and a rich fabric to draw upon for enhancing health, wellbeing and quality of life.
Vanessa is a strong professional and person-centred advocate and is currently the Australian Physiotherapy Association WA National Representative of Gerontological (older person) Physiotherapy. She contributes to making a difference as a member of various committees, including Laugh WA and networks across areas such as Mental Health, Disability, Pain, Tai Chi and others.
 Her engagement is relaxed, conversational and collaborative and she seeks to identify what is going to provide the most meaning and quality for that individual or group.
Vanessa invites you to experience Laughter for Wellbeing - Come Along and Give it a Go!
Contact: Mob: 0412 518 016   Email:

More to come……… this space!


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