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I hope your New Year is off to a good start and you have plenty to look forward to. I just need to share some relevant info to help you make the most of Laughter Yoga in your life!

Simply Laughter Online Summit Friday, 19th January - Tuesday, 23rd January 2018
This Summit was a significant event in the Laughter Yoga calendar. I hope you were able to see some of the presentations and perhaps you have signed up to have lifetime access to it. As I was in Albany from the 13th-21st January, teaching at the Summer School, I missed a great deal of it, but look forward to catching it in future.

Laughter Club Updates
Perth Laughter Club met yesterday, (lovely to catch up with everyone) and it was suggested that we run it weekly, alternately at 1pm on Wednesday one week, and then in the evening at 6.30pm on the alternate Wednesday. This will, of course, require commitment from our members and we will need to create a roster to ensure the viability of this new schedule. However we will discuss this at our Planning Workshop with Luke. It would be great to provide an opportunity for our faithful evening members to attend again.

Planning Workshop Saturday, 10th February 2018 from 12 noon to 3pm
Luke is planning a follow-up workshop for the committee and any other members of LaughWA who would like to attend. There will be a focus on marketing and the use of social media and other strategies to promote the benefits of Laughter Yoga. We will start with a shared lunch at The Clubhouse, Faulkner Park, and then proceed with the workshop. This is an invitation to all the committee members, Laughter Club Leaders and recent training graduates to attend, so I would appreciate receiving your RSVPs by Wednesday, 7th February.

Laughter Yoga Training
The first Training in 2018 will take place at The Clubhouse, Faulkner Park on Saturday, 10th March and Saturday, 24th March. Please share the information and encourage people to attend the Training - thanks! You can also share this newsletter with your Laughter Club members and anyone else who may be interested. Of course, all the details of the Trainings are available on our website

Insurance for LaughWA
Following a recent request about insurance, I have been in touch with Merv Neal, CEO of Laughter Yoga Australia. Merv is going to investigate the possibility of having Australia-wide insurance for everyone doing Laughter Yoga. There would be an individual fee, but this will be significantly reduced because of the numbers involved. We would then be covered for Laughter Clubs as well as presentations to organisations and groups.

Love Laughter and Longevity
I am delighted to share with you the news that my book was published in December 2017. The title is Love Laughter and Longevity – The Art and Science of Wellbeing. You can find details about it at and it is also available as an e-book on Amazon.

World Laughter Day
I expect that World Laughter Day will involve a big celebration all around the planet following the Online Summit. This event will occur on Sunday, 6th May 2018 at Kings Park at the Synergy Playground, just below Zamia Café. So I hope that we will have a good turnout to share the celebration which will be occurring in 106 countries for World Peace.

News from Kimmy
Rwanda - Thanks to the support of the Rotary Club of Victoria Park, Kimmy will be travelling back to Rwanda on the 5th of April for a month. During this time she will be visiting remote villages with Sam and Erneste to provide more Laughter Yoga Training and support the development of Laughter Clubs. During the festivities in April in Rwanda, Kimmy will be introducing Laughter Yoga at every opportunity.
Quiz Night - Kimmy is planning a quiz night in conjunction with the Rotary Club, possibly on the 23rd or 24th of March to raise further funds for Rwanda. She would welcome any donations or prizes for the evening and of course I hope the members of LaughWA will support such a fun evening. Those of us who attended last year had a wonderful time so I am looking forward to supporting this venture again! I will confirm the date later.

Laughter at South Beach - Kimmy and Kate have started up their Laughter Club again, but because of other commitments, it may happen on either a Tuesday or Wednesday evening at 6.15pm in Freo. Kimmy will post the details on her facebook page which is ‘Angel Kimmy’. So please check it out and share it with your Freo friends!
Kimmy’s Phone Number for further information is 0404 732 324.

Conferences in 2018
Australia - The Annual Laughter Wellbeing Conference 2018 will be held on the Gold Coast on the weekend of the 27th-28th of October, so if you are looking for a tax-deductible trip to Queensland to catch up with family and friends, here is a great opportunity for you!

Japan - Merv Neal has been invited to present at a Laughter Conference in Japan from the 15th-16th September. The organisers have offered to provide a package tour to anyone from Australia who would like to attend. So if you have ever wanted to go to Japan, here is another tax-deductible opportunity to tick something off your bucket list!

Janni Goss President LaughWA Inc. Ph: 9277 7922 Email:


Christmas is nearly here so I just wanted to send my best wishes and give you some dates for your diary for 2018.

Simply Laughter Online Summit Friday, 19 January - Tuesday, 23 January 2018
This Summit is being organised by Jo-Dee Walmsley, a Laughter Yoga entrepreneur based in England, who thought it would be a good idea to invite Laughter Yoga practitioners and business professionals to present to the Laughter Yoga community. I have posted the link on the LaughWA Facebook page so please look at all the information - you can sign up for free, or go to to view the complete program.

Planning Workshop Saturday, 10 February 2018 from 12 noon to 3pm
Luke is planning a follow-up workshop for the committee and any other members of LaughWA who would like to attend. There will be a focus on marketing and the use of social media and other strategies to promote the benefits of Laughter Yoga. We will start with a shared lunch at The Clubhouse, Faulkner Park, and then proceed with the workshop. I will send out a reminder closer to the date and look forward to your RSVPs!
Laughter Club Updates

Perth Laughter Club will be advertised in the Loftus Community Centre brochure which will have a print run of 30,000 copies! It will be the 40th Anniversary of the Centre and the Club will recommence on Wednesday, 24 January at 1pm and continue every second Wednesday. Please update your Laughter Club information with both Kath (for the website) and Luke (for social media - Facebook and Meet-up).
Laughter Yoga Training

The first Training in 2018 will take place at The Clubhouse, Faulkner Park on Saturday, 10 March and Saturday, 24 March.

Please share the information about the Simply Laughter Online Summit widely, as this may encourage people to attend the Training - thanks!

World Laughter Day       I expect that World Laughter Day will involve a big celebration all around the planet following the Online Summit. This event will occur on Sunday, 6 May 2018.  (In Perth it will be held in Kings Park, check on our Events Page for details).

Christmas Wishes
Wishing you all the Blessings of Christmas and I hope that you all have a safe, joyful and relaxing
Festive Season, full of Love and Laughter.

Janni Goss President LaughWA Inc.                Ph: 9277 7922                         Email:


As the end of the year approaches, time seems to accelerate!  I provided an overview of the past year's events in my President's report in the July Newsletter.  The past few months have included our second Laughter Yoga Training on Saturday 12th and Saturday 26th August and our final training for the year on Saturday 21st October and Saturday 4th November.  Our training team functions really well.  Tracey shared the Training in August but has now left WA to start a new life in  Deniliquin, New South Wales.  We wish Tracey and Colin every success in their new venture.  Deb, Kath and Penny always contribute to the Trainings in their unique ways and we form a very competent and well-integrated team.  Thank you all so much!  Our first Training in 2018 will be in March, the dates to be finalised.

Laughter Wellbeing Conference, Sydney 26th - 29th October 2017.       Merv Neal, CEO of Laughter Yoga Australia, once again organised the 12th National Conference at The Vibe in Sydney.  There was a diverse and amazing program which you can still find at  and Kimmy and I had the opportunity to 'Zoom' in and provide our presentations online (which was quite an adventure as the technology wasn't very co-operative).  Kimmy's presentation about her experience in Rwanda was well appreciated and rated brilliant.  The conference attendees decided to set up a crowd funding website to support her endeavours.  How wonderful is that!!

My presentation involved sharing experiences of providing wellbeing education and Laughter Yoga to several groups of carers and discussing their evaluations.  It was lovely to see some familiar faces and share the mantra that gets me going in the morning.......   I'm awake - I'm Alive - I'm enthusiastic'  followed by laughter.  Try it three times aftr a cold shower or any time you need to boost your mood or energy!

The next Laughter Wellbeing Conference wil be held on the Gold Coast, Queensland towards the end of October 2018, so put it in your diary and start saving.

Mental Health Week and Carers Week.       October was a very busy month providing workshops for carers, aged care staff, and for the WA Association of Mental Health.  National Council of Women WA held a forum which included Health and Active Ageing for Older Women.  Dr. Jenny Brockis, who is an expert on Brain Fitness, and I both presented and hopefully did some good.

50th  Australian Association of Gerontology Conference       This conference took place here in Perth from 8 - 10 November at Crown Convention Centre.  I had the privilege of having a 20 minute presentation about Laughter Yoga and fortunately had a very enthusiastic audience with open hearts and minds.  It all went well and people responded very positively to all the questions I asked at the end to illustrate the benefits of Laughter Yoga.   These questions are  *Do you feel warmer?     *Are you more awake and alert?    *Has your mood improved?     *Do you feel lighter and more relaxed?    *Do you have a sense of wellbeing?     *Did you experience genuine laughter?       I have only recently added the final question and I think it is a useful one to reinforce the magic of Laughter Yoga.     I made many interesting contacts during the conference and I hope that there will be more opportunities for all of us to contribute Laughter Yoga to the quality of life of older people, whether they are living in villages or retirement facilities.  I feel that there is a huge potential to train people living in villages so that they can set up their own Laughter Clubs.  Julia and Trevor have been very successful in doing this.  We need a plan!

Laughter Clubs.     Perth Laughter Club has decided to continue on the second and fourth Wednesdays each month at the Loftus Communty Centre at 1 pm.  Our final dates for the year are Wednesday 22nd November and 13th December.  Next year the Club will recommence on Wednesday 24th January and will change to every second Wednesday (instead of 2nd and 4th of each month).  Please update your Laughter Club details with Kath so that she can keep the list on our website up to date.  Thanks. 

Future Planning.    Early next year we hope to conduct a Planning Workshop so that we can really focus on our vision and strategies for marketing, improving our profile and using social media and free advertising to our advantage.  Local papers promote community activities so we need to make the most of these opportunities.  We also need to optimise our relationshop with Act Belong Commit.

Wellbeing Matters    Do you need to outsmart stress and improve your wellbeing?  Do you recognise early signs of stress and choose healthy coping strategies?  Explore the five pillars of wellbeing from Positive Psychology including positive emotions and positive relationships.  Gratitude is the foundation of wellbeing, but there are also five wasy to wellbeing which are promoted through daily activities, including "Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give".   We must take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing throughout life, based on self-awareness, self-respect, self-appreciation and even just self-preservation!    Understand what triggers your stress and how to react to it.  Choose healthy coping strategies when your early warning signs of stress are activated.  Learn the difference between a red brain and a green brain and how to use mindfulness and neuroplasticity to strengthen the positive pathways to your brain.   Healthy lifestyle choices are crucial for our body, mind and spirit.  Our body is a unique and amazing organism which deserves our best care, but when we experience stress, the healing and regenerative systems cannot work competently.  Negative emotions produce negative chemicals which contribute to chronic diseases.  Outsmarting stress is an important goal.  Laughter is one of the most accessible and cost-effective remedies to reduce stress, boost the immune system and contribute to health and wellbeing.  Research demonstrates that Laughter reduces the level of the stress hormone Cortisol.  Laughter improves oxygen supply to the brain, so you feel more awake and alert.  A dose of  endorphins improves your mood and Laughter burns calories and stabilises blood pressure and blood sugar levels.  Laughter enhances relationships and improves productivity in the workplace.  We will explore the Laughter Prescription, so be prepared to fully participate in experiencing the power of Laughter and Laughter Yoga.
Is Laughter the best Medicine?   Try a dose and see!

Jasnni Goss            President Laugh WA.Inc              Ph:  9277 7922       Email:





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