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At this, the 15th Annual General Meeting of LaughWA Inc., it is an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the past year. Our Committee Meetings have continued either at Loftus Centre or The Clubhouse, Faulkner Park where we also enjoy shared lunch together.

Trainings     In the past year LaughWA Inc. has held two 2-day Trainings on Saturday 3rd September and 1st October 2016, and again on 8th and 22nd April 2017 - Level 1 at Quintilian School and Level 2 at The Clubhouse, Faulkner Park. Initially, the Trainings were four weeks apart, but in 2017 there was a two-week interval which was found to be more appropriate. The six people who completed Level 2 really took the opportunity to use their new Laughter Yoga skills, and appreciated the additional Training. We will continue to use this format for our next Training on the Saturday 12th and 26th of August.

Laughnosis Workshop     The April 2017 Training was rescheduled as we had the opportunity to participate in a one-day Laughnosis Training with Dave Berman (USA) who was on a world tour which included Australia. Following Trainings in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, five people trained with Dave here in Perth at Faulkner Park. Tracey very kindly provided accommodation for Dave, which was much appreciated. Dave also provides ‘Daily Laughers’ on Facebook where he interviews and shares laughter with Laughter Yoga practitioners from around the world. So far, he has shared laughter on over 500 days with people from every state in America and from 64 other countries.

Act Belong Commit (ABC)     Thanks to Luke, we now are in partnership with ABC. We have obtained $100 worth of their merchandise, a small ABC sign and we were also able to hire two teardrop banners for World Laughter Day.

Have-A-Go News     Last October, an article was published to advertise the benefits of laughter in relation to Mental Health Week. An advertisement was also designed, but accidentally, was not published on the same page as arranged, but in the November issue. The management was very apologetic and did not charge us. In addition, they offered to print another article with the advertisement in the April issue, again free of charge. This was an opportunity to promote World Laughter Day on the first Sunday of May and was much appreciated.

Training Co-ordinator     After several years in this position, Dorothy chose to resign and we are very grateful for her excellent organisation in this role. In her correspondence with potential students, Dorothy’s warmth and friendliness were remarked on by the students. We were very fortunate in that Ann stepped up at the end of the year to take over as Co-ordinator and I am delighted to say that she is happy to continue.

Marketing and Communication     Thanks to Kath for continuing to update the website with details of Laughter Clubs, Events and Trainings. Tracey and Luke have contributed to updating the Facebook page and recently LaughWA has taken over the Meet-up site from Tracey. There are over 900 members and this is a good opportunity to keep them informed about LaughWA, and invite them to our Laughter Clubs and Trainings. Four brief News Updates have been published and circulated to the members to keep them in touch.
There has been much discussion about the Vision and Planning for the future of LaughWA and it is proposed to hold two half-day workshops with Luke on Saturday the 9th and 23rd September at The Clubhouse to address these matters. We also hope to approach Connect Groups which has around 700 member groups who could benefit from our skills!

Mental Health in Kwinana     One highlight of the past year was the invitation from Pip Davies of The Smith Family for Laughter Yoga to be shared in six primary schools in the Kwinana area, as part of a month-long celebration of Mental Health. This was successfully achieved by Grant, Tracey, Luke, Kimmy and Nelly after much organisation and co-ordination!

Laughter Wellness Conference     The Annual Conference was held in Melbourne at The Vibe Hotel and the WA contingent included Tracey, Bec and myself. The two-day immersion was held at The Catholic Youth Centre and there were numerous presenters including Bec and myself. A highlight was several Skype sessions including Dr Kataria, who was in Mexico, and other presenters from Canada and USA. A documentary about introducing Laughter Yoga into prisons was particularly interesting and moving. Tracey and I appreciated the support we received from LaughWA to attend the conference.

Kalgoorlie Trip     In late November, Tracey and I were invited up to Kalgoorlie for a special community event by Candy, who had trained with us early in the year. There had been community unrest in Kalgoorlie and Candy wanted to organise a Family Day to promote harmony and healing. Set in a beautiful park, there were numerous ‘old-fashioned’ games and activities for the children and three sessions of Laughter Yoga were included, which were well received. Candy had fundraised for our fares by running raffles in the local pubs and people were very generous when they heard the purpose of her project.

End of Year Event    This was held at The Clubhouse, Faulkner Park for our Christmas celebration. As well as enjoying a shared lunch, Tracey played some games with us which she had enjoyed at the Laughter Wellness Conference in Melbourne in October. Other interesting information from the Conference was also shared and we welcomed Ann for the first time, who received a handover from Dorothy.

World Laughter Day     On Sunday, 7th May we joined with Laughter Club Members in 106 countries around the world to celebrate World Laughter Day. We met as usual at the Synergy Playground in Kings Park, just below Zamia Café. It was a remarkably warm day but we found enough shade to do our second Laughter Yoga session as the temperature climbed. Many people brought family and friends to share Laughter Yoga and bring health, joy and peace to our community. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Perth Laughter Club     Recently, Perth Laughter Club was re-launched as a daytime club at The Loftus Centre. Thanks to the generosity of the Manager, Jodi, we were provided with a delicious lunch and free access to the premises. The Club will continue at 1pm on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month and it was well-attended on Wednesday, 28th June.

Laughter Clubs     Laughter Clubs continue in Perth, Bunbury and Albany and Kath very kindly keeps the details current when any changes occur. It has been suggested that we target retirement villages for people to train, as Trevor and Julia have been very successful at their villages.

Update from Rwanda     Kimmy has been busy keeping in touch with Rotary here and Sam and Erneste in Rwanda. As a result, Victoria Park Rotary Club and a local club in Kigali will donate to a project to take Laughter Yoga to various villages which do not have access to television. Following Kimmy’s visit to Rwanda earlier in the year, there were several sessions of Laughter Yoga on national television so it is more widely known. Rotary International is also supporting a project for Kimmy to go to Rwanda in April 2018 to participate in the anniversary of the genocide and use Laughter Yoga as a healing modality. Kimmy also organised a fundraising quiz night in October last year, which was very successful and raised over $2,000 for Rwanda.

And finally …     I would like to thank everyone on the Committee for contributing their particular skills and enthusiasm to the ongoing success of Laughter Yoga in Western Australia. Following our workshops with Luke in September, we will have a clearer vision of the path ahead. There is no doubt that Laughter Yoga has significant benefits which we can share with the community and enjoy ourselves, as members of the Laughter Community.

The New Committee    
President – Janni
Vice President – Tracey
Treasurer – Deb
Minutes Secretary – Vanessa
Training Co-ordinator – Anne
Membership Secretary – Rosemarie
Facebook/Meet-up – Luke
Newsletter – Janni
Grant Application – TBC
Committee Members – Kath, Penny, Grant, Trish, Jo-Anne, Kimmy, Zac, Jan May

Janni Goss President LaughWA Inc.    Ph: 9277 7922    Email:



AGM – Saturday, 8th July
Our 15th AGM will be held at The Clubhouse, Faulkner Park Estate from 11am till 1pm. You are very welcome to attend and nominate for any positions on the flyer sent out by Kath. We look forward to re-establishing our enthusiastic committee and YOU could be a member of it!

Launch of the Daytime Perth Laughter Club - We were very delighted to have the full support of Jodi Lendrum at the Loftus Community Centre in Leederville to have a Laughter Lunch to launch Perth Laughter Club on Wednesday, 14th June. This event was free for the participants and after a delicious lunch, we all joined in a very enthusiastic session of Laughter Yoga - thanks to Grant, Penny, Deb and Kath.
The Perth Laughter Club will continue on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month at 1pm. So please take note of the following dates and share the good news! Cost $4.
Wednesday - 28th June, 12th July, 26th July, 9th August, 23rd August, 13th September, 27th September, 11th October, 25th October, 8th November, 22nd November, 13th December.

Laughter Yoga Training   -   Our next Level 1 Training will take place on Saturday, 12th August 2017 at Quintilian and Level 2 will be held at The Clubhouse, Faulkner Park on Saturday, 26th August. Feedback from the April Training was excellent and the two week gap was considered helpful and appropriate. It has been suggested that we should promote the Training at retirement and lifestyle villages as we already have two very successful Laughter Clubs at these locations, thanks to Trevor at RAAFA, Bull Creek and Julia in High Wycombe. Please look for any opportunities to promote the Training at retirement venues - thanks!

Meet-Up   -   LaughWA has acquired Meet-Up which was originally established by Tracey. It has over 900 members and it is a further medium to promote Laughter Yoga and keep Laughter Club news up-to-date.

Update from Rwanda   -   Thanks to Kimmy’s persistence, the Rotary Clubs of Victoria Park and Kigali, Rwanda are providing financial assistance to promote Laughter Yoga in Rwanda. Rotary International is also supporting this project which will culminate in helping people to deal with the anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda in April next year.

Please feels free to contact me, as I like to keep in touch.

Janni Goss President LaughWA Inc. Ph: 9277 7922 Email:


Dear Laughter Friends,  Another year begins  -  2017 is the seventeenth year since Dr. Kataria and his wife, Madhuri introduced Laughter Yoga to WA in November 2000.  Perth Laughter Club met on Wednesday 18th January and celebrated the impending Australia Day holiday with very Ozzie Laughter Exercises - from boiling the billy, laughing Waltzing Matilda and cuddling koalas to enjoying summer pastimes such as cricket, tennis, the beach and a roller coaster ride!  We had such a fun time!  You might like to continue this theme in your Laughter Cklubs as everyone returns from their holidays!

The committee also met on the 18th January at the Loftus Centre to discuss the following topics:

Laughter Yoga Training:  All details of the next two day training are on our website.
Level 1          Saturday 11th March at Quintilian School, Mt. Claremont.
Level 2          Saturday 8th April at the Clubhouse, Faulkner Park, Cloverdale.

A certificate from Dr. Kataria is now available for those who complete a two-day training.  Be sure to organise your arrangements to vote on
11th March if you are involved in the Training.

Training Co-ordinator/Membership Secretary.  We are pleased to welcome Anne Croft to this role.  Dorothy did an excellent job in this role, which is much appreciated and the handover is progressing.

Marketing and Communications.   Social media has a prime role in disseminating information and we do this via the Laugh WA Facebook page, as well as our website.  Merv Neal also publishes a monthly newsletter for Laughter Yoga Australia which also has a Facebook page.  I would encourage you to keep an eye on these, "like" these pages and keep up to date with events in our Laughter Yoga world.

Dave Berman - USA - Daily Laughers/Laughnosis.   Dave is currently on a World Tour via six weeks in India with Dr. Kataria.  He will be visiting Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, providing two-day workshops.  Dave will present a one day workshop here in Perth on Saturday 18th March.  All details are on the 'Events' Page of this website.    There is a $25 discount for two people who register together.  This is a great opportunity to extend your experience of the benefits of Laughter.  Please share this information widely,  particularly to health professionals and coaches.

Act Belong Commit.    LaughWA Inc. is now  a full statewide partner of ABC - thanks to Luke.  We have been allocated free resources which will be shared with Laughter Clubs and chose the following for best value!  Act Belong Commit Magnets, Brochures: How to keep Mentally Healthy, Seniors Bookmarks, Kindness Cards etc.  When we obtain these resources, we will work out the best way to share them at our next Committee meeting.

RWANDA Project.  Kimmy has received an annual report from Sam Habimana, a psychologist who trained with her in Rwanda.  Sam has been successfully introducing Laughter Yoga into Schools in Rwanda and has requested some equipment to assist him with this.  It was decided that a tablet with a camera would be most useful item for Sam and LaughWA has donated $400 to assist with the purchase.  Kimmy will be travelling to Rwanda on 2nd February for a few weeks and I'm sure she will receive a tumultuous welcome.  Safe and happy travels Kimmy!

Christmas Event 2016.   This was held at the Clubhouse on Saturday 10th December and we all enjoyed some fun games which Tracey had experienced at the Melbourne Conference in October 2016.  Feedback from the Conference was also shared, as well as a delicious lunch.  The next Laughter Wellness Conference will be held in Sydney in October 2017 - dates TBA.

WORLD LAUGHTER DAY:   This day falls on Sunday 7th May in 2017 and we will be sharing Laughter in Kings Park once again.  Perhaps the Bunbury and Albany Laughter Clubs might consider a local celebration as well!

Please feels free to contact me, as I like to keep in touch.
I do hope your New Year has started well and you are full of enthusiasm to promote and share
the benefits of Laughter Yoga in Westrn Australia.

Janni Goss, President LaughWA Inc.     Phone  9277 7922      Email:

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Rwandan brother and sister club
Report from training on 29th November 2015

First and foremost, I wish to thank the almighty Lord, for everything we did, thanks for your grace and patience that surpass human understanding.
Secondary, we wish to Thank KIM O’MEARA and her team from Australia who introduces laughter yoga in Rwanda.
Also I wish to thank the Rwanda resilience and Grounding organization (RRGO) members who participate in laughter yoga exercise. All of persons contribute to make this training be!! I thank them
To all God bless you!!

Introduction and Objectives
RRGO organised with the purpose of training the trainees to have  experience of using laughter yoga in their daily practice in order to let the community heal stress and make equilibrium in body full of happiness(Hohohohohahahahahahahah!!!!, very good very good yes)
The training was organized by Rwanda Resilience and Grounding Organization on 28th May 2015 at University of Rwanda, school of medicine, pharmacy and health sciences. Rwanda resilience and grounding organization (RRGO) has strong partnership with local and foreigner organizations and associations.  Among these association /organization are University of Rwanda students union (URSU), Rwanda psychological society (RPS), Rwanda village concepts project (RVCP), Medical student association of Rwanda (MEDISAR), Clinical psychology students Association (CPSAR) 
In foreigner partnership, RRGO has strong collaboration with Trauma resource institute (TRI) and African healing Exchange (AHE).
It is the main reason RRGO organized the training to the members of CPSAR and Association of social workers members in Catholic University of Rwanda about laughter yoga.
This training had the objectives:
To include laughter yoga in our culture.
To go deeper the importance of laughing
To translate the laughter yoga exercise in Kinyarwanda

First for all most, Rwanda resilience and grounding organization has the mission to help Rwandese to heal anger, sadness and stress related to the effects of genocide and provide them happiness and living with life without anger.
Laughter yoga is one of our programs where RRGO has objectives to use laughter yoga (IGITWENGE KIRAMBUYE) in Kinyarwanda language and let the Rwandan shared with those skills of laughter yoga exercise.

Vision and Mission
The Rwanda Resilience and Grounding Organization has the vision to ensure Rwandese to live in resilience zone and improve awareness of community of living in harmon
A  Moral commitment to bring wellness skills based psycho-physical model, to our world community, one person at a time, one community at a time.

Rwanda resilience and grounding organization (RRGO) is non profit and local organization which works in Rwanda. During the workshop  and the training we did for helping Rwandan to heal trauma and stress we use different approach include laughter yoga as therapy which decrease negative emotion to positive.
 The first challenges are the materials of using in order to help Rwandan sufficiently among these materials are Camera for using taking good picture and video for reporting.
Also we came with financial challenges because till now, we not yet get small funds for continue pour voluntary activities. In addition, we wish to have laptop for using for reporting to you our every activity.

The training was very good and very importance for us in order to have baggage for help the community. This training was aimed to help us to continue to help the community to live without stress. We are preparing many training about laughter yoga and Kim will continue to be with us and support us in different prepared program and we report you as well.

Our recommendations go to Kim’O Meara’s staff to help us to extend this model in Rwandan community which was handicapped and distorted by trauma and stress.
In addition, we recommend every one with good heart to let Rwandan feel better in life without trauma and stress as human being. it implied that even one dollar could help the community to heal trauma and stress.


WA delegate Peter Schupp.

 It was with great anticipation that I arrived late Friday night in Bris-vegas for the first time to join my Laughter Community for the 2014 conference. I had been to the previous 2013 Laughter Wellness conference in Sydney and gained new friends, you get them by spending long days in a room without a view in a foreign city looking toward your fellow delegates for inspiration. This year’s conference had bigger everything, numbers, laughs, technical fails, headline speakers and coffee machine.
The conference kicked off with Merv Neal CEO Laughter Australia explaining that inspiration is an inward breath or inspire with an audible “Ahhh” and exhalation "Haaa" at the end. The ah ha! moments you get throughout such a conference are what I like to call take aways, the ideas that resonate with you and stick in your mind long after the closing session.
We kicked off with a tech fail when we tried to Skype in our funnily enough, most tech savvy man from the USA, Sebastien Gendry. Sebastien eventually spoke a few hours later after a Merv Neal juggling act, about his Laughter  Online University. It is our bible and has more direct information on LY than any other source. The information is easy to digest, well backed up with supporting material, studies, references and is inexpensive to subscribe to. When you are learning about laughter you know it is exciting and so inspiring. I personally facilitated a hands on session with the Online Session Planner component of the LOU, which I was really privileged to be involved with. My message to LY facilitators was that we need to feel fresh about our own sessions and be confident in our sessions by using the structure and resources that are available to us in the session planner. The planner has so many exercises and options that is a real buzz to work with. When you facilitate Laughter Yoga you want to be an inspiring and confident leader. We need to rock our sessions and take the group we are leading on a journey to a place they never knew existed. We need to be universally knowledgeable on our medical benefit side of LY and have exercises that can fit every situation. The LOU and session planner gives us that ability.  You can use the promo code Peterrocks to receive 20% off your subscription to LOU for this special newsletter report of the conference. .
Merv Neal spoke about business and LY. Merv is a Master LY trainer and also offers specialised business training here and in India at Dr Kataria' s International Laughter Yoga University. His tenacity and swagger has landed us connections with celebrities, comedians and medical celebrities like Prof Paul Bennett who was our inspirational headline speaker for day 1. Merv explained the language of business and the opportunities that we have before us in the wellness industry. We are leading into an era where the greater community is more aware of mental and physical health complimentary therapies. It is an exciting time for us.     
Prof Bennett speech had a few standout pieces of information but let’s start with the results of the study.  3 x 30 minute sessions for four weeks in a dialysis unit in Moorabbin Victoria. Slight increase happiness and optimism. Slight decrease in stress and anxiety. No Change blood pressure post dialysis. No Change lung function post dialysis. Nurses agreed strongly that LY had a positive effect on wellbeing of patients and staff. The study provides evidence LY safe inexpensive and accessible. As average as they may seem to us raving LY fans, these results are a big deal to the medical world. There were no negative effects across the board. Prof Bennett is striving to increase physical health and happiness in his patients. He has tried a number of different methods from cable designed weight machines to Zumba but Laughter yoga ticks all boxes for wellbeing and it isn't a chore. There are 350 Dialysis units in Australia and after the positive results of his study he expects there to be a call for Laughter Yoga facilitators to be approached to work with them. The study findings are being shown all around the world which is a huge benefit for our worldwide LY community. Paul stayed for the whole two days conference and is keenly interested in LY. He is considered a rock star in his field with his use of complimentary therapies and the results he has produced. Feel free to contact him should you require his study results or reference for LY. He is part of our community and is very supportive of our work.
Day two headline speaker was La Trobe University academic Ros Ben-Moshe. She initiated the Laugh Out Loud project in a Nursing home and has produced significant results from the study that was conducted in 2013. The LOL study findings were a decrease in pulse 72 - 69.5 Positive and negative affect schedule PANAS 27.7 to 30.95 General Happiness Scale GHS 5.3 to 5.8 which was statistically significant. Word spread faster than her phone line to the exec director of the ACSAG company that runs the home of which the study took place. ACSAG owns a total of 30 homes in NSW VIC and TAS. LOL received full support and funding for all 30 homes to conduct 8 training sessions at 8 locations for 92 staff. Currently 20 homes have an active LY program.
Are you inspired? Do you feel like me that we are in the most exciting times Laughter Yoga has seen? When the next conference is announced please consider the trip as it is such a great experience mixing with our LY community. We all have so much in common and we learn so much from each other during our conversations and interactions. The conference finished with an amazing singing bowls meditation conducted by Thinley Tsering who as a Tibetan monk for 26 years studied from the highest teachers. I was so excited to be part of this live experience and settled in to the meditation, only to be disrupted by the snoring of the one man that could be excused for falling off to sleep after a long lead up and falling into a deep relaxation after drawing the conference to a close, Mr Merv Neal. Thanks Merv i will never forget the 2014 Laughter Wellness Conference Brisbane, for every inspiring moment and my take aways.
Please feel free to contact me about the conference and the LOU.

You’ve Got to Laugh
Peter Schupp

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